Tips för besökare till Emmerdale

Här i kommentarerna kan ni som har varit på besök i byn eller vill besöka byn skriva...
Många tips och frågor välkomnas =)

Jag lägger in Colins kommentarer från tidigare inlägg...

Postat av: Colin tipsar;

I haven't been to Yorkshire for many years but my understanding is that at this time of year the Woolpack is very quiet. In actual fact the pub shut down for 3 months last year. It was said that although it is attracts lots of tourists in the summer it isn't enough to keep it going through the winter months. Other reports said the owners left for other reasons so I'm not sure. It seems odd that it shut at the beginning of August if lack of winter trade was a deciding factor though!

Be aware that the interior of the pub is nothing like what you see on TV but of course for long term fans it is still worth going to, and the shop sells Emmerdale souveniers.

Further to what I said in Mondays blog about the public footpath at the Harewood Estate set, I forgot that the road on which the Dingles and Sharmas live is also publicly accessible.

The most complete guide to Emmerdale filming locations can be found here: Be warned there is a BIG spoiler on this page. But there is a wealth of information on this page so it is worth following my spoiler-free guide!

1. Open the page up and read the introduction if you wish. It ends "You might need to close some pop-up advertisement windows when exploring these links." Although if you happen to see the next heading it is a relatively minor spoiler.

2. The site uses "more" links to expand sections of text. In order to avoid seeing the spoilers imagine the section you need to avoid is as long as the introduction. Scroll down so that you are sure that amount is clear from the screen.

3. Scroll back up until you see "Emmerdale Murder: Who Killed Tom King?" and carry on reading!

4. After the section "Emmerdale filming locations revealed!" is a section "Emmerdale's opening title sequence". Immediately after this heading is an image from the new title sequence launnched in May this year. If you do no want to have a peek at this scroll down enough to clear one image - it's slighlty smaller than the Haulage Yard photo that precedes it. That is the last spoiler on the webpage!

Note there is a "Other soaps and TV shows" section, although it does go back to Emmerdale again afterwards so keep going! This section also includes a picture of "Hotten General Hospital" so you might want to click the "more" button! One section even tells you where to find the airfield where Carl took his wingwalk (as mentioned by Agneta earlier)! You could spend a couple of days or more trying to find all the places this site mentions!

One place that is particularly worth going to is the town of Otley which doubles for Hotten Town Centre. Although Hotten town hasn't featured much in the show for some years, it appeared quite a number of times during 2010, particularly the area around New Inn Court, including the Pink Teapot cafe!

While you are in England, if you really don't care about spoilers check out channel 3 at 7pm, or channel 33 at 8pm for the latest goings on! Repeats of the previous days' episodes can be found at various times on channel 6 and an hour later on channel 27. I hope you enjoy your visit! :)

Postat av: Colin tipsar;

Adm: I was thinking it might be a good idea to have a "visiting England?" or "Emmerdale locations guide" (or whatever!) section where my above guide can be reproduced. If someone wants to have a go at translating it into Swedish that's fine by me! The site doesn't get updated much these days and any new spoilers are likely to remain at the top anyway so just alter step 2 to allow for missing a greater chunk and it should be fine. The particular spoiler I'm trying to avoid people seeing will remain a spoiler for nearly a years worth of storylines so the bit in step 3 about scrolling up to the Tom King murder heading will remain correct for a few months yet! I just thought it might be useful if people can find a locations guide easily. :)

2011-12-01 @ 12:00:34
Postat av: Colin tipsar;

If you like zoos or gardens, some Emmerdale characters earlier this year visited Tropical World at Roundhay Park in the City of Leeds, so that may be worth adding to the list!

2011-12-01 @ 12:01:10
Postat av: Bo Grahn

Varför inte tvärtom? Den svenska kvinnan som spelar

invandrare, Olena/Carolin Stoltz, kommer säkert till Sverige emellanåt och kan vi inte kontakta henne och be om en träff med alla HTG fans som vill/kan? Det vore kul att få höra hur det går till bakom... Vi kan ju börja med att skriva och få info till att börja med. Jag kan försöka!

2012-02-22 @ 19:45:52
Postat av: Colin


Concerning step 1 of my guide, the next headline is now a big spoiler, so be sure to scroll down after the quoted text!

Step 2 - As for how much to scroll down to avoid spoilers, the new spoiler is about a third of the length of the introduction, so be sure to clear that much extra space when scrolling!

Postat av: lena olsson

var vänder jag sig om jag vill besöka emmerdale?
hälsn Lena

2014-09-15 @ 20:11:07

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