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Postat av: Colin

This is Windsor calling!

I've popped into the library especially to send todays' episode summaries!

2011-12-20 @ 13:37:56
Postat av: Colin

19 January 5509

Part 1

At Victoria Cottage, Katie asks how Ryan slept while David pours some corn flakes. Only when Katie asks Ryan if he wants a coffee does Leyla point out they’ve run out of milk! Leyla tries to help by telling Ryan that David lost his dad too, although now he’s found him again, and perhaps he should talk to Mark – adding sometimes you just don’t realise when you’re well off. As Ryan leaves, Katie and David give her disapproving looks.

At Home Farm, Natasha is getting annoyed because Will keeps asking her when Mark is coming home. Maisie thinks Natasha should tell him the truth but she wants to deal with it in her own way.

Val thinks they need hanging baskets for the B&B. Eric scoffs that it’s a restaurant, not the Chelsea Flower Show. David has an all-party traffic meeting at the Town Hall and Eric asks him to spread some flyers around, with council members getting a 10% discount, while he offers David a 15% discount.

At Mulberry, both Gabby and Sandy have their arms full of teddy bears. Ashley tries to get her to put some back. Nicola comes round to finalise some things for the christening and is alarmed to hear he is taking a sabbatical, though he assures her will still do the christening.

Charity has booked the wedding for 7th April. Debbie is disappointedthat it will be in a Registry Office but is still happy for her.

Edna is telling Ashley that she is considering changing to dried flowers for the church during winter when he announces his sabbatical. Edna thinks it would be polite of him to inform Sally.He says he won’t get chance so asks her to tell her for him.

David is helping Leyla at the shop as she explains that she was trying to cheer Ryan up by letting him know other people have been through similar things. David points out the ‘e’ has been missed of ‘tomatoes’ on the blackboard as he leaves. She tells him she knows and adds one - to the end - with a satisfied smile.

At the B&B tables are being arranged for the restaurants’ first night. Eric wants to cram in too many tables. Terry says people want private conversations and Olena says there isn’t enough room to move between the tables without knocking things so he reluctantly agrees. He then notices Val has bought new salt and pepper grinders and reminds her they are supposed to be making a profit. Val assures him there are no more surprises though she is clearly hiding something.

Edna finds Nicola carrying christening presents from Bernice and Paul. She tells her she wants to give Angelica something really special – a leather-bound bible that belonged to her mother. Nicola tells her she shouldn’t have.”Why don’t you keep it and get her some vouchers instead?” “Oh, I wouldn’t dream if it”, she says proudly. Sally passes by and they tell her about Ashley going off to save his marriage. She storms off in a huff, causing Nicola to remark "Wierdo"

2011-12-20 @ 13:39:00
Postat av: Colin

Part 2

At the Mill, the Kings are discussing a new truck they have bought when Nicola returns, who is panicking about tomorrows christening. She asks Carl what the ‘Godfather and his moll’ are doing to contribute. “Apart from giving up our house for the party and having to put up with you bossing us all around like a woman possessed, you mean?”Nicola takes the hint and asks Chas and Carl nicely to do some jobs, before turning to Jimmy to say it would be nice if she didn’t have to think about absolutely everything all the time. Just then the baby starts crying and he has to be prompted to get up to attend to her.

Sally calls round to see Ashley before he leaves. She tries to stop him going saying she won’t pressurise him anymore, that she knows she was wrong, and can they forget about it and carry on being friends. She says she was vulnerable and nothing like that will ever happen again.He tells her it’s already been forgotten about but he still intends to put things right with his wife.

Debbie finds Charity promising Noah, who isn’t eating, that this wedding will go ahead. Noah though says he hates weddings because everyone fights and cries. Debbie will shout at her and they’ll be on their own again. Charity says that won’t happen this time. Noah complains that she’ll brush his hair funny and make him look like a girl again. She promises he can wear whatever he wants this time, and he cheers up.

Around 12:25 pm. Jimmy, Carl and Chas are in the Woolpack celebrating becoming a two truck company when Nicola comes in. She complains that yet again she’s been left to organise the christening on her own, and asks if he is trying to drive her to a breakdown. Chas tells her they came in to try and get a better deal for the wine. Nicola threatens to call off the wedding if he doesn’t do his jobs. She then has a go at Rodney for not supporting her more.

Ryan comes over to Nathan and says either they have to try to be civil to one another or else ignore each other. Nathan says it makes no difference to him either way. He already has a brother and he really doesn’t need any mates. “Whether you like it or not we share the same father.” “No-one could hate him as much as I do now... So if you find him, you keep him, OK?” As Nathan leaves Faye comes in and tells Ryan she is glad they are talking. And asks what he said. “We were just agreeing that if we never saw our parents again it’d be too soon.”

Ashley is telling Sally he understands he has to take some of the blame. Sally says as soon as she had set eyes on him again she’d realised she should never have left him for Vincent. He asks her how many times does he have to tell her there is nothing between them, and suggests that if she does have feelings for him, she won’t be around when he comes back with his wife. Diane and Rodney arrive to wave Ashley off and are surprised to see Sally sitting there. She leaves and he tells them it was perfect timing as he had no idea what he was going to say next.

Eric spots some new kitchen equipment being delivered and asks Val where the money came from. He thinks she did something illegal. She tries to get out of telling him, and he tells her he doesn't want the business to succeed to the extent that he'd do something criminal. "How is it, everytime we have the possibility of achieving something you ruin it by doing something stupid?" She confesses that she sold her jewellery. "You're wearing your jewellery." "I only sold the good stuff." When he realises which items she means he hugs her and tells her he realises how hard that must have been for her. "Yeah it was. But you know that this may be our last chance of ever making a success of anything."

Noah wants to know why Charity didn't marry "Michael Daddy". She tells him Michael didn't really love her enough, but Cain does. "If I come to the wedding, will you buy me a bike?" "Well will have to wait and see won't we?" "That always means yes!"

Brenda arrives at the B&B where everyone has been admiring the new 8-hobbed cooker. She has the Hotten Courier in her hands, which has misprinted the advert for the restaurant as ‘The Ganges’. Brenda offers to ring the courier but Val wants to do it. Terry asks if she'd be diplomatic "They've just cocked up. What do you want us to do? Thank them profusely?" David and Leyla return from handing out flyers, and Eric sends them out to do more. "Hand them out anywhere and everywhere". Leyla says she's got to get back to work but Val, already on the phone, tells her to do as Eric says as they've got a crisis.

Rodney is on his way to say goodbye to Ashley and Gabby, when Chas stops him to tell him how much she admires him for never once trying to kill Nicola. As the Thomas's make their way out of the village, and much to the annoyance of Gabby, Ashley puts on David Essex's Rock On. "But you love this song" "No, you do!" Ashley laughs, starts singing and momentarily turns to enjoy the look on his daughters face. As he turns back Sally is standing right in front of him and he can't avoid hitting her. He gets out to find her badly injured, leaving him horrified.

2011-12-20 @ 13:39:16
Postat av: Colin

20 January 5510

Part 1

As Ashley looks over Sally’s motionless body, Paddy is driving back into the village. He phones for an ambulance and also checks that Gabby is OK.

Leyla and David are handing out flyers in the village: “The dales’ newest up and coming eating establishment.” “Run by the two biggest rip-off merchants in the village”, comments Chas. “My dad is a reformed character”, David tells her. Leyla tells him to leave it because “she is not the kind of clientele that we wanna attract” “Yeah? Well you’ll be attracting my boot with your backside in a minute if you’re not careful!” “Yeah go on then”. David breaks them up before it gets out of hand.

Back at the scene of the accident, Sandy and Douglas arrive as the ambulance is preparing to take Sally. Paddy offers to drive Ashley to the hospital and Sandy says he’ll come for support. Douglas says he’ll let Laurel know.

At Pear Tree, Scarlet is on the phone to a lad from Newcastle, who is trying to arrange a date. She fobs him off saying she is busy. When she tells Carl he is thinking of coming to Emmerdale, he takes the phone himself. “Hello? Yes. She’s not interested so just stop pestering her and get a life. Alright thanks bye. Problem solved”. “That was a bit rude.” “He’s only some bloke you met in a pub.” “He’s not going to ring again now is he?” “You don’t want him to!” “That is not the point.” Carl is perplexed as Nikhil comes in to tell him the Halifax run has been cancelled but he has a delivery for a new contract that needs to be in Minehead first thing tomorrow. Scarlett reminds him that Angelica’s christening is tomorrow. Carl says it’s no problem as he can drive through the night and be back in plenty of time.

At the hospital, Ashley is on the phone to Laurel, who doesn’t take the news very well. Sandy suggests he call a taxi but Ashley says he can’t leave until he knows Sally is alright. Sandy questions whether Ashley deliberately knocked her down. The police then come over to question him.

At the Farm Shop Nicola is disappointed to find out Sally isn’t dead. Douglas tells her it wasn’t that serious. “Viv seems to think it was.” “Viv thinks a lot of things.” He tells her Laurel is very upset and won’t be coming to the christening anymore.

At the Woolpack, Carl tells Jimmy about the change of plan. “Oh you lucky beggar. I’ve got an evening of christening mania to look forward to.” Carl doesn’t want Jimmy to come because of the grief he’d get from Nicola. Jimmy asks Carl not to make him beg, and he agrees. “I love you” says a delighted Jimmy. Meanwhile, Betty and Edna hear about the accident. Betty wants a stiff brandy but Edna insists they must go to the hospital straight away.

2:05 pm. The police are interviewing Sally. A nurse tells Ashley that Sally has a fractured rib and severe bruising and that she’s had a lucky escape. The police then inform him that Sally confirmed his version of events. “In fact she was very keen to emphasize, you’re the last person in the world who would wish to harm her.” They see no reason to press any charges. Ashley wants to talk to Sally, but Sandy thinks he should walk away and forget she ever existed. Ashley says he’ll be 5 minutes. “Hello you”, says Sally cheerily as he walks in.

Sam is also issuing flyers for the B&B, and gives one to Paddy, returning from the hospital. Pearl, who had already been given a flyer by Leyla, wants all the details from Paddy. “You were first at the scene of the crime” He tells her it was an accident but she thinks it’s a bit fishy. “Sally andAshley – something going on there, don’t you think?” “I try not to pry”, he tells her. She wants to go straight round to Edna’s, but Paddy order her to “sit”. “Sit? What do you think I am, a golden retriever?” “Well I like to think of you more as a badly trained puppy.”

Ashley apologizes to Sally. “I’m normally very careful when I’m crossing the road. What do you think happened?” “How do you mean?” “Didn’t you see me?” “You just stepped out in front of me.” She tells him not to worry and that she knows he is the last person in the world who would wish her harm. Ashley comes to realize Sally must have stepped out in front of him deliberately. She blames herself for ruining his plans and asks if he can ever forgive her. “I can’t tell you how much it means to have you here right now. What on earth would I do without you?” The nurse comes in to take her blood pressure, and tells Ashley he can’t take her home for a few days. Sally explains that when the doctors wanted to know who would be looking after her, she couldn’t think of anybody else. “I hope you don’t mind?” She clutches his hand, as Ashley realizes how manipulative she is.

2011-12-20 @ 13:40:14
Postat av: Colin

Part 2

Noah is poorly, and Charity brings him to the Woolpack for one of Marlon’s specials. Food is off but Marlon says he’ll make him something anyway. Chas has been at the dentist for a checkup but wants Nikhil to think it’s something more serious. Lizzie comments that Chas isn’t one for hard work, and defends her comments by saying she can’t hold a job down because of discrimination. Chas calls her work shy, and Lizzie retaliates calling her Mrs Phantom Root Canal. Marlon breaks up the argument saying they are as bone idle as each other. Noah reveals that Charity might be getting a job soon – Debbie saw an advert for a call centre though Charity admits she thinks she can do better.

As the nurse leaves Ashley says he’ll have a word with Edna, but Sally say “No. No-one understands me like you do.” Ashley doesn’t feel it would be appropriate. He accuses her of deliberately stepping out into the road. She maintains it was an accident. But Ashley thinks it’s too convenient. “It’s as if…you’ll do everything…and anything to keep me and Laurel apart.” He tells her to stop saying she loves him. “No-one’s ever shown me such love and kindness.” He can’t bear it any longer and gets up to leave. She says she needs him. “No. This has to stop.” “But I’ve got no-one else,” she calls but Ashley is already heading out the door and she begins wailing.

At The Mill, Nicola is on the phone to Laurel but fails to persuade her to come to the christening. Rodney arrives with the cake, however it is a sponge cake when it should have been a fruit cake. A fed up Rodney says he’ll get it changed in the morning, so as Jimmy arrives she asks him to return it. He then tells her about the overnight delivery run. She’s not happy but he says he’ll be back in time, and comments that it’s a massive earner. Nicola ponders for a moment. “How massive?” “Big.” “Really big”, joins in Carl., so Nicola agrees to let him go.

In the Woolpack, as Eric gives Rodney a flyer for the B&B restaurant, Chas tells himt thatLeyla said she isn’t welcome. Leyla says she needs to get back to the shop and promptly leaves. Rodney meanwhile says he prefers good honest pub grub.

Betty and Edna arrive at the hospital and find a tearful Sally being comforted by the nurse. As Betty takes over Nurse Ripley explains to Edna that she and Ashley had had words. When Betty tells Sally the worst is over, she replies that it’s only just beginning.

At the Woolpack Val is feeling downbeat about the restaurant, feeling everyone wants to see them fail. Brenda tells Val she has a really good feeling about tomorrow. “You’re too jolly for your own good” is Val’s opinion. Terry reminds her they got a free add in the courier. Sam and Olena have been issuing flyers in Demdyke and Robblesfield and have run out. Olena says a lot of people are interested. Eric gives them some more and they head off to Connelton. Meanwhile Nikhil has bought Priya a car and Debbie has agreed to look at it tomorrow. Debbie notices Noah and asks what he is doing there. “Being bored”, he tells her! Charity tells Debbie she didn’t ring the call centre, and then Nikhil asks Chas about the dentists. She momentarily forgets what he is talking about but says she needs a wisdom tooth taken out, and will come back to work when she has finished her drink. “No hurry”, he tells her sarcastically. As Nikhil orders drinks at the bar, Chas observes that Nikhil seems keen on Debbie.

When Betty goes to get some tea, Edna challenges Sally on what happened. “It was an unfortunate accident. Nothing more.” Meanwhile, back at Mulberry, Ashley is going over the events with Sandy, Doug and Diane. “It was as if she wanted me to knock her down”, he tells them, and questions what else she might be capable of. He thinks she’s dangerous. Sandy suggests he call the police but Ashley has no proof she’s done anything wrong. He now realizes though that Laurel was right all along. Doug says the important thing is now Ashley sees things for what they are. “There’s no need to be kind… I’ve sat back and done nothing for months. No, worse, I ignored all the warnings.” He doesn’t think Laurel will forgive him. “Why should she?” “Because she loves you”, Doug tells him.

“I’ve never met a dearer, kinder man.”, Sally tells Edna. She continues that he was the first boy she ever kissed, remarking that they say you keep a special place in your heart for your first love. Edna asks if anything untoward went on between the two of them. “It didn’t seem untoward at the time… It’s not his fault. I blame myself. We only slept together a couple of times”. She tells Edna that Ashley broke up with her. “It’s ironic really. This morning he ended our relationship, and this afternoon he was the person who knocked me down. Some might call it divine judgment I suppose.”

2011-12-20 @ 13:40:31
Postat av: Colin

Over and out! :)

2011-12-20 @ 13:41:03
Postat av: orcid

oh holy crap..or moses!!!! she is horrible - sally!!!

ja jisses den kvinnan kommer nog dö tror jag endera dagen om de inte hinner låsa in henne..jag tror fasiken att hon kommer ta livet av sig och få det att se ut som ashley gjort det...och edna..som ska vara så präktig och inte tro på allt som sägs...hon är inte så präktig längre :(

och natscha...suck....stackars ungar..ja jag säger stackars för de kommer att sakna honom när de får veta vad hon gjort...även om jag inte saknar mark wylde ;)

och va skönt att dopet snart är överstökat men det blir nog nått som går fel där med...

2011-12-20 @ 15:10:49
Postat av: Tina

När Sally dök upp sådär helt plötsligt, var det precis som om hon var ett spöke. Helt overkligt. Jag hoppade faktist till. Tur på ett sätt att hon inte blev så illa skadad för Ashleys och Laurells skull. För annars verkar det som det enda sättet att bli av med henne, alltså att döda henne. Uj, vad jag lät mordisk, hrm mmm. Undrar vad hon ska komma upp med här näst?

Och sedan dopet, det blir nog i sann HTG-anda en katastrof.

2011-12-20 @ 17:26:25
Postat av: Erik

Äntligen börjar Ashley förstå hur manipulativ Sally är. Det borde han ha fattat för länge sedan. Och nu tror förstås Edna på henne också. Att de skulle ha haft sex till och med. Dags att ge Sally respass ur serien snarast! Man tål knappt se hennes falska leende.

Skönt att Eric tog Vals försäljning av smyckena så bra. Jag trodde han skulle bli rasande. Nu blev det bara gulligt i stället.

2011-12-20 @ 17:36:45
Postat av: Sofie - mamma till två små -

Undrar vad som händer på dopet, blir säkert en cliff hanger över jul :S

Ang Sally så finner jag inga ord, usch, psykfall!

2011-12-20 @ 18:33:57
Postat av: Jackson

Att Sally skulle ställa till något var ju väntat. Att Edna bara sväljer vad hon säger! Hur skall Ashley kunna bevisa att inget har hänt?

Instämmer med Erik - Eric var oväntat gullig mot Val idag.

Dopet ja - det skall bli intressant att se hur den föreställningen kommer att avlöpa!!

2011-12-20 @ 19:10:29
Postat av: Jonas

Synnerligen uselt av Laurel att missa dopet. Förvisso är Nicola så irriterande att hon förtjänar det, men ändå.

För övrigt vore det lämpligt om den gode kyrkoherden kunde hålla ögonen på vägen när han kör. Jag är medveten om att Sally ville bli överkörd dock.

Stort av Eric att förstå Valerie. Även jag trodde att det skulle bli bråk.

2011-12-20 @ 19:43:37
Postat av: Anna

Ta bort Sally nu, hon kommer aldrig att lämna Ashley i fred hon är vad hände med hennes gubbe gav han upp så fort?

Varför måste Nicola vara så arg och bitter hela tiden.

2011-12-20 @ 19:59:43
Postat av: Tina V

Varför åkte inte Ashley vidare dit han skulle så fort han träffat Sally, han skulle sagt på sjukhuset att han inte ville ha hem henne.

Nu verkar dom ju tro att det är hans fru eller nära vän.

Stackars Jimmy som ska stå ut med gnälliga Nicola.

Hon blir aldrig nöjd oavsett vad han gör.

2011-12-20 @ 20:59:06
Postat av: Mariann

Nej men vad är det här?? Kan man inte åka bort en ynka vecka utan att allt rämnar?? :)

Vilket drama i byn, Ryan/Katie/MasieNatasha skjuter den fege träbocken (vilket va tur annars hade jag åkt dit och grävt ner eländet själv) och nån otroligt barnslig fåntratt är här och förstör med spoilers. Och det är det enda jag kommer att kommentera angående det, för sånt ska bara tigas ihjäl. Om vi inte bryr oss får h*n inget för sitt djävelskap.

Men det värsta av allt: adm är sjuk!!! Nu hoppas jag att det inte är nåt allvarligt utan att du snart är tillbaka och styr upp din blogg.

Puh! Nu har jag tittat ikapp. Körde sju avsnitt på rekordfart så då förstår ni att jag inte såg så mycket av bra/dåligt skådespeleri eller andra detaljer. Men jag såg att Debbie nu börjar stå skymd i bild, är det kulan som börjar synas tro :) noterade också att både Debbie och Charity har fula frisyrer, de dyra slingorna till trots... och kaninkokar-Sally... öööjjjj...

När jag va på Kanarieöarna såg jag nån trailer på tv om en dvd som Marlon och Paddy va med i. Såg ut som nåt fristående sidohistoria. Vore kul att få se. Nu har jag haft en härlig vecka i solen och tar mitt straff - förkylning. Tack. Men jag ska inte klaga för det finns de som har det värre. Krya på dig nu bästa adm! Gonatt på er allihop.

2011-12-20 @ 23:14:19
Postat av: Jonas

Debbie och Charity har väl haft fula frisyrer i ett antal år. Charity såg åtminstone någorlunda normal ut när hon hade kort frisyr (när hon var ihop med Chris Tate).

2011-12-21 @ 15:38:58

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