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I'll post my original write-ups again. I'll do some proof reading first though today :)

Postat av: Colin

15 January 5507

Part 1

Night. While Natasha is burying Mark’s body, Faye leaves a voicemail message for Ryan asking him to call her and let her know he’s safe. She thinks about phoning Mark, but changes her mind. Meanwhile, Natasha is burning evidence.

The next morning, and over at Tug Ghyll Noah is giving a rendition of the Ting Ting’s “That’s Not my Name”, until he forgets the words, much to the relief of everyone else! Cain takes the mickey out of Debbie’s new highlights and is shocked to discover they cost £100. Then Noah gets confused by Cain and Charity’s jibes.

Natasha returns to Home Farm and gets a fright when a worried Maisie asks where she has been. Natahsa tells her Mark walked out last night, and blames her trembling on the cold. Maisie says everything has turned into a nightmare and Natasha apologises and asks her not to hate her. Maisie wonders if Mark will turn on the tears.

Faye rings Diane and asks her to call him if Ryan comes in the pub. Katie finds him sitting in his car in a lay-by. She tells him Faye has texted her a couple of times and he questions what right she has. She is on her way home as it’s her turn to wait for the boilerman, and asks: “Well have you had any warmer offers?”

Natasha has asked Nathan and Maisie to keep Will away from the village and asks if he seemed aware of anything. Natasha says they need to decide what to say to him but Maisie suggests they leave it for Mark to explain. Nathan thinks Natasha should have chucked all his stuff on the drive. The phone rings and Nathan gets ready to have it out with his dad, but then they realise it is his mobile ringing. Maisie wonders how they are meant to contact him. “What, after what he’s done?” questions Nathan. Natasha answers the phone. It is Faye who asks where Ryan is, which causes Maisie to be distressed again. “Why don’t you just drop dead you scheming little witch”, cutting her off before she’s even finished the insult! Nathan tells Natasha she is stupid for not having told them about Ryan.

In the cafe, Viv is suggesting to Ashley he should go and see Natasha. “And take a video camera with me?” Viv reminds him he’s got a lot to thank her for as she bought the church. He says he’ll visit her later when the dust settles. “You could wear a wire”, suggests Lizzie. Then Edna comes in. Ashley asks her if Sally has said anything about moving on. He then notices Lizzie Betty and Viv are listening, so he asks her to pop over later.

Nikhil is doing the accounts. Charity tells him how much she used to love doing them. “You do know it’s all in the layout, don’t you?” ”Yeah and the actual figures are irrelevant I suppose. As is turning up for work yesterday after we had lunch together... Considering you were trying to impress me, you didn’t much... I’d end up bankrupt or dead if I took you on in here.”

As Leyla heads out Ryan asks her not to tell anyone where he is. He tells Katie he can’t understand why Faye followed Mark to the village. Katie says if she had been in a situation like that she’d have been desperate to see him to find out what had happened. ”But you do that but then you’d come clean, surely?” “Maybe...If you didn’t have feelings for him anymore... But she obviously did... Being in love can make you a liar.”

11:55 am. Nathan tells Maisie she should get dressed. “Is that a note of disgust?” “This isn’t our fault Maisie... It’s not Ryan’s either for that matter.” Natasha tells Maisie she is going to make sure she eats some lunch, while Nathan asks if they should avoid contact with Ryan. He says he never wants to see Dad again either. They ask if she intends taking Mark back. Natasha tells them she won’t. Nathan thinks he can’t be far away because he has left his car, his phone and his clothes. “He’s obviously going to come back for his golf clubs, they’re his real family... sort out lunch, I’m going to go and sort out the important things” “Who do you think you’re talking to?” “Well may I suggest that you call the lawyers?” He says they need to protect their money but she tells him it’s already been done. She leaves the room to get some breathing space.

Postat av: Colin

Part 2

Natasha is on the phone to Charles, the solicitor. She is telling him that if Mark rings, he mustn’t be allowed to take anything. Nathan overhears the conversation. She tells him sometimes money isn’t the first thought. It turns out Mark had been moving money around for months. Nathan thinks she should have noticed, but as he is supposed to be a whizz kid she thinks he should have done, too.

Katie wonders how long Mark might get for bigamy. She feels sorry for Natasha. Ryan says he now knows why she hates him. Katie reminds him of the connection he made with Will the day he got kicked by the horse, and asks how he feels about Nathan and Maisie now. “Different” is his only reply.

Edna has called round to Mulberry. She tells him she finds the situation very awkward. Indeed her visit ends up being very short. Before she leaves she tells him “I don’t know how we got into all this mess, but I know you got us here.”

Natasha asks Will not to say anything to Will in the car as she’d like to talk to him herself. Maisie comes in and says: “Listen to you. ‘Lovely day Will. You’re Daddy’s a scumbag and your sister nearly slept with her new brother.’ You’re pathetic.” “Y’know what? I have just about had it up to here with both of you. Now why is it that I have to do the dirty work while you get to lie around snivelling on the sofa all day? And where do you get off calling me stupid? Instructing me to call my own solicitor? How dare you!... Everything I have ever done is to protect you... I thought she’d leave OK? I thought she’d take her son and leave because she could see how much your father loved us. But no. No, after 25 years of marriage, he’s still in love with her! So when do I get to cry? Who comforts me and says everything’s going to be fine?!” Nathan tries to speak. “Mum” “SHUT UP!... Now if I have to get over Mark then you can get over Ryan. And if you both feel so tainted by my company, fine. I’ll give you some money - you can sod off and make a mess of your own lives. Is that what you want?” They tell her it isn’t. She tells them “I would die for you. I would kill for you. I would do anything to keep you safe. And that is what I was trying to do. OK, I got it wrong, but please, both of you please, would you STOP KICKING ME!” She bangs her hand down half a dozen times hard on the table as she finishes, before running out crying.

In the Woolpack, Jamie has received a text message from Gennie: “Weather fine. Food fine.” “Parking fine”, quips Lizzie. Jamie tells Bob that if things are going to work out with Gennie this time they should find out under their own steam. Lizzie asks what went wrong last time. “Ohh, you don’t wanna know.” “No I do.” “Well I’m not telling you.”

Ashley bumps into Sally in the street. She tells him even if they were having an affair it wouldn’t be because he and Laurel have split up – “ask anyone.” He again asks her to find somewhere else to live. “Maybe I’m gonna be punished for having feelings, but I’m not gonna make this easy for you. I’m not going anywhere.”

At Tug Ghyll Chas also takes the mickey out of Debbies new hair, while Cain warns Charity that if she is jobless he won’t be keeping her.

Katie tells Maisie she has heard the news. At first, Maisie wonders exactly how much Katie has heard. Hearing Ryan has been at Katie’s she asks her to tell him she is sorry. Katie tells her she knows Ryan likes her, and Maisie starts to break down again. Katie apologises for upsetting her and hugs her.

Will has come home from school and wants to know where Mark is and why Natasha has thrown him out. She asks Nathan to leave the two of them alone.

Ryan comes home and finds Faye sitting in the dark waiting for him. He admits he wouldn’t have come in if the light had been on. He tells her there is nothing left to say.”There are not enough excuses in the world.” “I don’t need to make any more excuses.” “Well then we are a million miles apart... What I was going to do with my sister...” He heads upstairs, barely able to look at his mother. “Are you staying here?” “No” “Then where?” “I’m alive, that’s the best you’re gonna get.”

Natasha tells a tearful Will that if she knew where Mark was she would tell him. “He wouldn’t do this.” “Yeah, well people do all sorts of things sweetheart.” “But he’s not people. He’s my dad and you’re...trying to stop me from seeing him cos you’re...angry with him and punishing him.” He knows Nathan doesn’t like him and they all talk about him behind his back. “I’m his only friend. Where is he?” “I don’t know.” “When’s he coming to see me?” “I don’t know.” “You’re lying.” “Look you’re not the only one he’s left”, she shouts at him. She apologises and has to stop him from leaving. “Please get him to come back.” “Yes I know he will. He will come back, cos he loves you, OK, he loves you, We all love you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry darling.”. She hugs him tightly.

Postat av: Colin

January 18 5508

Part 1

Viv runs after Bob and asks him to call her when Maisie comes into the Woolpack and she’ll try and get over. He tells her he doubts she’ll be coming in. Charity had a night out last night with Chas so Lisa picks up Noah and Sarah to take them to school. As Debbie arrives at the garage she is surprised to find Ryan in his car, asleep.

Maisie has got ready for work. Natasha wants her to sit down for a talk but she isn’t interested in talking and Nathan doesn’t see the point in keep talking about it either. Natasha says she wants to help them through it and asks Maisie not to go into work as she is in shock. Nathan agrees to give her a lift to the pub.

Debbie points out that Mark is a millionaire, and that if she was in Ryan’s shoes she’d bleed Mark for every penny. He makes it clear that he isn’t interested in anything to do with Mark. Charity turns up at the garage to see Debbie before going to work. Debbie tells her Cain doesn’t think she will keep hold of the job but Charity says people change and that maybe she will surprise him. She then hitches a lift with Jai. Faye finds Ryan at the garage. He is hostile towards her and she asks if they can be civil towards each other. “You’ve got no right to ask anything of me” He walks away and she decides to leave it for now. As she goes she spots Nathan and, hoping to find out if he’s heard from Mark, asks to speak to him. “No, what could I possibly wanna talk to you for?”

Bob offers to play darts with Lizzie, but she doesn’t think the Woolpack insurance would cover it! Suddenly the pub goes silent, leaving Lizzie wondering what’s happened. “I’ve made a bit of an entrance, that’s what’s happened”, replies Maisie. Bob tells her he didn’t think she’d be in the right state of mind for work but she says a few drinks and a few laughs is just what she needs. No sooner has she served a concerned Katie than the pub goes silent again. When Lizzie starts enquiring as to the latest cause Maisie turns round to discover Faye standing at the bar, who announces she’d like a word with her. “Well I’ve got one word for you – tramp.” Faye says the last thing she wanted to do was upset her. “Well you could always leave.” “I just wondered if your father had been in touch.” “I’m sorry?” “I just wondered if your – “ “No I heard you. I just couldn’t believe it. My dad’s bit on the side comes in here asking me where he is.” “I think you know I’m more than that.” “Oh sorry, have I offended you?” Katie tries to calm Maisie down while Bob asks Faye to leave. “Yeah go. Now, before I give you the slap you deserve.” As Faye starts to apologise again Maisie starts screaming manically: “Get out!” Get out! Now!” She then leaves the bar in tears.

When Nikhil reprimands Charity for being late this morning she points out Jai was late too. “Now, my kiddy was poorly. Dunno what his excuse was.” Nikhil says he doesn’t think he’s ever had an employee as rude or as useless as her. “You’re this close to the sack. Two coffees, now.” When she doesn’t get up Jai also asks her but Charity tells him it’s not in her contract. Nikhil asks if she’s serious. “Sitting here like a zombie, yeah that’s in my contract. Wasting my life shovelling tooth rotting kiddie sweets into boxes, yeah that’s there in black and white, making cups of coffee for you two clowns, er ‘white no sugar, is that alright for you sir?’, no, sorry, not part of my job.” Jai says he thinks she’s said enough, but she continues. “I mean seriously, who would want to spend their life making sweets? ‘What do you do?’ ‘me? Me, I’m in toffee, me’”. She flings a load of them into the air as she finishes. Chas, stifling a laugh tells her it’s “probably not appropriate behaviour.” Nikhil summons Charity to the office.

Diane has called round to Mulberry to see how Ashley is. He says that there’s always someone worse off, adding that the troubles at Home Farm have put his own problems in perspective. Diane doesn’t believe this though. “Someone else’s unhappiness doesn’t have anything to do with your own, does it?” Ashley tells her he feels frustrated, because there doesn’t seem to be any sign of Sally realising she has to leave. Diane suggests that if she won’t leave, he should.

Sam has found Natasha at Home Farm. Although she gave him the day off yesterday he thought he’d better come in. He tells her that everyone is talking about her. She doesn’t really want him there but suggests he make himself useful anyway as a gate needs repairing in the stables. She loses her temper with him when he says he’d been planning to go into the grounds, although she does apologise. The front door then knocks and she asks Sam to tell whoever it is to go away. It’s Faye who takes no notice of Sam. Natasha tells her she isn’t welcome but Faye says she isn’t going until she gets some answers about ‘Daniel’.

Postat av: Colin

Part 2

3:40 pm. In the Sharma office, Chas suggests they give Charity a strongly worded reprimand, but they insists she should be fired. Charity wishes them all the best in the future, suggesting losing her might be a setback.

Faye can’t believe Mark left without giving Natasha some indication as to where he was going. She says when he left her he didn’t know any kids were involved. Natasha doesn’t want to discuss it but Faye says it’s tough. When she mentions she’s seen Maisie Natasha tells her Maisie’s close to a nervous breakdown and she isn’t far behind her. “So now you know how I felt all those years ago. We are both victims here Natasha.” “So what, we’re gonna have a weep together now are we?” Faye says she hasn’t stopped caring about Mark. “Oh you should listen to yourself. Why don’t you get some self-respect”

At Victoria Cottage Maisie tells Katie how much she is missing her dad. She hates him, but she wants him back. She could always turn to him whenever anything went wrong, even if it was her fault. Katie tells her she can turn to her instead.

Back at Home Farm, Natasha tells Faye she hopes Mark has run as far as his platinum card will take him as she never wants to see him again. Faye believes Natasha is hiding something as she must have been the last person to see him. Nicola walks in on the conversation and tries to get Faye to leave. She tells her to stay out of it but eventually relents. Natasha doesn’t want Nicola there but she insists on staying to clear the decks as Natasha has 16 phone messages, and about 50 e-mails. She says she won’t stay long but would like to come back to work full-time next week after the christening. Natasha thanks her for her support.

At the Woolpack, Ashley tells Sandy and Rodney that he has spoken to the bishop and arranged a sabbatical, beginning with immediate effect and continuing until he knows whether he still has a marriage, and that Gabby is coming with him. He assures Jimmy who has overheard that he will be back for the christening. “Meanwhile perhaps, when I’ve gone, Sally will see how futile this is, and just leave.”

Night. Katie is outside Victoria Cottage and spots Ryan walking past. She tells him Maisie’s inside in a bad way, and tells him what happened in the pub with Faye. “Yeah well my mum wants to learn to shut her mouth, doesn’t she?” Katie says he looks rough. He tells her he stayed in the car last night but didn’t sleep much. She tells him he should stay on her sofa – Maisie won’t be there as Nathan is picking her up so she’s not arguing about it.

At the Woolpack Bob tells Eli he think Lizzie needs a lift. Eli reckons she needs a bloke and says he’ll get Marlon to sort something out. Viv tells Bob she wants every last detail about what happened with Maisie earlier. Priya asks her what’s been going on. ”Faye and Mark Wylde had a bit of carry on years ago and produced Ryan, but Mark jilted a pregnant Faye at the altar and married Natasha instead, who was Faye’s best friend so Faye has been stalking the pair ever since. Simple.” As Bob steers the conversation away from Maisie, Viv asks him to take her away somewhere lovely. With a limited budget, Bob suggests they go to the opening of the B&B restaurant.

At Tug Gyll, Charity has told Cain she resigned as she’d had enough. However Debbie comes home and has already heard the truth from Chas. Debbie owes Cain £10 as he had bet her Charity wouldn’t hold the job down till the end of the month. Debbie then points out that they keep talking about the wedding but don’t do anything about it, and questions whether they are serious about getting married.

Nathan has come to collect Maisie from Victoria Cottage as Ryan comes by. Nathan tells him Maisie doesn’t want to see him but she asks Nathan to wait in the car. He reluctantly agrees. Both Ryan and Maisie initially struggle to start a conversation. He asks how she is but she doesn’t want to talk about how she is feeling and decides it’s best if she goes, but he stops her. He says he’d like the two of them to be mates, that they have to try and find a way to deal with it. She spots his bag and gets upset thinking that he is leaving. When he tells her he is staying on Katie’s sofa for the night she gets even more upset. “I don’t want you to be at Katie’s. I wanna be in your arms.and I wanna wanna be in your bed.” “We can’t. You know we can’t.” She says he’s right and should forget about her, adding that if he plays his cards right he could soon be back in Katie’s bed. Both Nathan and Ryan try to calm her down, but she tells Ryan to get away from her and screams that she hates him. Nathan then takes her home.

Postat av: Colin

I liked Viv's made up assesment of events haha. Chas was funny too saying it was "probably" inappropriate behaviour! :D

Postat av: Erik

Natasha är kall som is. Att helt lugnt kunna gräva ner sin man så där ... Mest synd om Will i dag, fick själv en tår i ögonvrån, det känns så hemskt när man vet att han aldrig får träffa sin pappa igen. Och Maisie har nog långt kvar innan hon blir sig själv igen, speciellt om hon ska jobba kvar på puben ...

2011-12-19 @ 17:34:47
Postat av: Malin

Stackars Will! Kunde inte hålla tårarna borta.

Natasha försöker ju vara kall men det verkar som att hon bara stänger av, men att gräva ner sin man sådär, usch. Man märkte att hon var helt förstörd egentligen när de stod i köket och hon började gråta.

Men Nathan är enbart jobbig, fy vad arrogant han är. Usch vilket hemsk människa.

2011-12-19 @ 18:40:06
Postat av: Jonas

Natasha har alltid varit ett svin och hon fortsätter på det inslagna spåret.

Jag tycker dock att Fayes uppträdande är rätt märkligt. Hon har letat efter Mark i x antal år och äntligen hittat honom. Sedan vill hon helt plötsligt inte ha honom längre.

Charity är bara dum, som vanligt.

För övrigt var Esholt en väldigt mysig by. Woolpack såg ju helt klart annorlunda ut, ja. Mer som ett café än en pub.

2011-12-19 @ 19:42:32
Postat av: Sofie - mamma till två små -

Jag tycker Maisie spelar så bra, känner hennes smärta! Ny här på bloggen, underbar sida och underbar serie :)

2011-12-19 @ 22:16:10
Postat av: Anki H

Har läst här länge men aldrig kommenterat! Underbar sida, OM man missar sitt favvo program, så finns här alltid att läsa, TACK för det!

Jag undrar om någon kan tala om när jul uppehållet är, mellan vilka datum? Tack på för hand!

2011-12-20 @ 09:58:47
Postat av: Erik

Sista avsnitten före jul går nu på fredag den 23. Sedan börjar HTG igen måndagen den 9 januari. Lagom kort uppehåll.

2011-12-20 @ 11:28:18
Postat av: SoP

Typiskt Maise att bara gapa om sig själv-

2011-12-26 @ 00:59:40

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